As a One stop Shop, we offer an array of services related to the automobile maintenance sector.


From a simple quick oil change to complete engine repairs, we have almost all solution to your vehicles health issues. You can rest comfortably in our lobby area while your vehicle is being fixed.

We care for our customers, we offer road side assistance and towing service in case of breakdown.

On site spare parts facilities available at competitive price.



This service is for both gasoline and diesel engine and consists of removing carbon deposits inside your vehicle injectors, Intake valve, Piston crown and combustion chamber using our Jetclean Tronic machine from Germany.

Benefits of decarbonisation :

• Better engine performance

• Lower fuel consumption

• Restore lost engine horsepower

• Reduce pollutant values


We offer rapid vehicle servicing for both diesel and petrol engine, ranging from a simple oil change to full vehicle check.


You can book your appointment to save your precious time.

We also have a nice waiting area where you can rest while waiting your vehicle to be ready.

We are flexible, we have in-house spare parts facility or you can bring your parts to be replace.


You are experiencing uneven tyres wear or knocking noise coming from your vehicle while driving, bring your vehicle for a free check up and quote.

After a full check up, we shall advise you on what needs to be repaired to ensure maintain your vehicle in a good state, driving comfort and most important your safety on road.

We have a large selection of suspension parts for almost all vehicle models.

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